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Choose Your Hard

There’s no use denying it - adulting is hard. You have to go to work, make sure bills are paid on time, clean your house, make and keep a budget, cook, maintain a social life, and sleep.

For most people, one of the more difficult tasks on the list is budgeting. You have to take an honest look at your spending habits, which is terrifying enough on its own. Then you have to make the hard choices about what to cut and what to keep, and in what quantity. After you’ve made your plan, with stars in your eyes and full of motivation on a Sunday afternoon, you actually have to stick to your plan for the rest of the week, and month, and year. Your plan will change over time, but you actually have to stick to a plan for the rest of your life. And that’s hard. Thinking about the fact that you have to stick to it makes it even harder.

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