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How to Budget by Paycheck

Traditional budgeting wasn’t designed around how life works, so if you’ve struggled with it in the past know that it’s not your fault.

My method of budgeting is different. Instead of budgeting by month, I budget by paycheck. We do this by first splitting your expenses into three different categories that we treat differently. The categories are fixed and recurring expenses, day to day spending, and non-recurring or random expenses.

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Why You Need a Car Repair Fund

My total cost for 3 brand new tires? $292.79. My car repair fund that I've been diligently contributing to every month had more than that in it, so this unexpected $300 expense was an inconvenience, not an emergency. Even if the repair fund only had $100 in it, it still would have been an unexpected $200 instead of the full $300 expense. Any amount that you have saved for these, let’s face it, expected, expenses, the less they will be able to derail you financially.

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